Artistic rider

Artistic Team:
Direction: Guillem Albà and Alberto Feliciate
Interprets: Lola Ruiz, Serena Vione, Juana Beltrán, Jessica Arpin and Jessica Martín
Music: Clara Peya
Costumes: Roberta Petit
Lighting design: Oriol Ibáñez i Ignasi Solé
Choreography: Bárbara Martín
Production: Ateneu Popular 9 Barris

Indoor and outdoor Circus show
Length 55 minutes
Suitable for all audiences

Technical requirements:
Length: 14m Depth: 10m Height: 7m
Ground: no inclination Rigging for a fixed trapeze, swinging trapeze and Chinese pole
Technical contact
Artists on stage: 5 + 2 Technicians